UltraSMTP Pro

UltraSMTP Pro is ideal for individual and small business users. This plan includes an account on one of our shared servers, with access to all of the features and benefits of UltraSMTP, and up to 300 outgoing messages per day. Pricing is $29.00 / year. Payment is handled by Paypal. There are no setup charges, and we offer a cancel-anytime policy.


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UltraSMTP 99¢ 30-Day Trial

Test-drive UltraSMTP for 30 days for only 99 cents. After the 30 day trial period, we will contact you to invite you to upgrade your account to UltraSMTP Pro. Trial accounts are limited to 25 outgoing messages per day. Payment is handled by Paypal.

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Enterprise Solutions

For larger organizations and enterprise clients, we offer:

  • Corporate accounts on our shared UltraSMTP servers
  • Private dedicated UltraSMTP servers

Corporate accounts on our shared UltraSMTP servers are the most cost-effective way for organizations to provide their users with UltraSMTP service. Discounted pricing is available for corporate accounts with larger numbers of users, and corporate accounts include aggregated billing, and centralized account management and reporting.

For organizations that prefer not to share UltraSMTP servers with our other users, we offer fully-managed private dedicated UltraSMTP servers. Dedicated UltraSMTP servers include all of the features and benefits found in our hosted UltraSMTP service, in addition to centralized account management and reporting, and much more. For more information, please contact us.


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